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Three Times When You Absolutely Need Responsive Design

There are three times in a business owner’s life when you will absolutely need your website to be mobile-friendly (use responsive design): When you’re taking your business online with your first-ever website If your existing website is more than 5 years old Every other time Does your website display properly on mobile devices? Over 90% of Americans own them, and 5 billion people will use...

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Does Your Web Design Company Know More About SEO Than You Do?

As the popular meme goes, you know you are desperate for an answer…when you look at the third page of Google. Or even the second. And if your business doesn’t want to end up there, you need to pay attention to SEO. Why Use an SEO-Smart Web Design Firm? Unless you’re an SEO expert, you need a great web design company’s help. Why? Well, this is just a partial list of what...

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What is a Longtail Keyword Search, & Why Should I Care?

In an earlier post, I mentioned that a super-short blog is unlikely to have longtail keywords included. So what? First, what do I mean when I say longtail keywords? (Although the grammarian in me would really like to insist that it should be longtailed keywords.) Anyway. Just as horse’s tail is longer than that of a pig, a “longtail keyword search” is one involving a string of...

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Welcome to our very first e-newsletter for this year:  Tips from The Scratching Post Tips to Make Your Website Great! Bad Kitty Studios is Here to Help Is your company simple, beautiful, and incredibly smart? Why shouldn’t your website reflect those qualities? A good web design company will understand your...

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Defining Bad Kitty Studios

Creative. Fierce. Edgy. If you could pick just three words to define your web design company, what would they be? Loyal. Established. Dependable. Those are six of ours. Not to mention fun, capable, and affordable! Bad Kitty Studios is a creative web design company that provides professional design and marketing strategy; helping the small to medium-sized business develop or refresh its online...

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